Lisa Swarbrick

Lisa Swarbrick is a visual ethnographer and photographer who has honed her craft by combining an ethnographic understanding of corporate culture and a uniquely visual product, The Leader’s Lens™, to impact corporate learnings on the industrial, organizational, and individual leadership levels.

Lisa SwarbrickAs a global citizen who has lived and worked in Europe and the United States, Lisa has participated in an international field school sponsored by National Geographic Magazine and has published works in Smithsonian Magazine and major U.S. newspapers.  Her fresh ethnographic perspective utilizes immersive qualitative research and branding and has resulted in innovative strategic developments for B2B and B2C clients including:, GOJO Industries, InterContinental Exchange (ICE), Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Molex, and Honda.  Lisa’s analysis of marketplace and organizational opportunities enables clients to see the ‘outsider’ perspective of their industries and make actionable her research recommendations.

Lisa’s understanding of visual culture prompted the creation of The Leader’s Lens™ at Main Captiva LLC. The Leader’s Lens™ is a process that provides individuals with a self-reflective forum to focus on the uniquely visual qualities that define their leadership.  Rather than a written description of what an individual hopes his or her legacy will be, Lisa works with participants to create a visual of that legacy through the photographic process.Lisa Swarbrick

Lisa earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago in Anthropology and holds a B.S. in Visual Communication with a specialization in photojournalism and a B.A. in French from Ohio University. She has showcased her photographic work around the globe from Cape Town, South Africa; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; New Delhi, India; Lund, Sweden; Moscow, Russia; Shanghai, China; to farther afield. She has received awards from the Smithsonian Magazine, International Photo Exhibition, and the Barrington Area Arts Council. Lisa currently serves on the board of Junior Achievement of Chicago. She also serves as co- curator of the Barrington Area Library Arts Advisory Committee and teaches photography at Harper College in Illinois.