Our Clients


Client Projects

Sporting Goods Company (2017 and Ongoing)

●  Conducting analysis of existing leadership development programs.
●  Identifying best practices within the programs, redundancies, and suggestions for improving the effectiveness of programs.

Multinational Telecommunications Company (2017 and Ongoing)

●  Assisting in the design of the corporate leadership academy.

Software Company for Medical, Retail, and Hospitality (2015 and Ongoing)

●  Assisting in strategy and business development.

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company (2014 and Ongoing)

Assisted in the design of key talent individualized development and learning programs.

Leading Provider of Long Term Care (2013 and Ongoing)

 ●  Design, development, and implementation of an Innovation Accelerator project.

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company (2013 and Ongoing)

 ●  Executive coaching of senior executives.

Global Recreational Products Company (2013 and Ongoing)

 ●  Presentation skills training for the legal team.

National Health System (2013 and Ongoing)

●  Assisting in the development of their innovation strategy.

Global Chemicals and Textiles Company (2012 and Ongoing)

●  Co-design the executive leadership development program in which the c-suite executives
taught the next generation.

Global Provider of Insurance, Annuities, and Employee Benefit Programs (2012)

●  Designed and implemented a benchmark study to understand how other organizations
are rolling out global sales / sales management development initiatives.

Global Intellectual Licensing Company (2012)

●  Design of action learning program to implement the 2016 strategy.

Global Pharmaceutical Company (2011 and Ongoing)

●  Advising on development of learning strategy for seven emerging markets.
●  Assist in sourcing resources for leadership programs for emerging / high growth markets.

Executive Education at Major U.S.-Based, State-Affiliated University (2009 – 2010)

●  Assisted in the development of the Executive Education Strategy for the new team
leading the Center for Executive Development.

Global Networking and Communications Company (2009)

●  Consulting on the company’s China Education Strategy.

National Gaming Company (2009)

●  Research, design, and detailed plan for establishing the company’s University.

Global Consumer Packaging Company (2008 and Ongoing)

●  Design, implementation, facilitation, and coaching for the company’s leadership programme
for the 25 top tier leaders (Programmes took place in Shanghai, China; Divonne, France; Frankfurt, Germany; New Delhi, India; Moscow, Russia; Cape Town, South Africa; and Lund, Sweden (X6));
●  Executive coaching of senior leaders.

Global Chemical Corporation (2008 and Ongoing)

●  Developed and implemented marketing education program for the purpose
of segmenting their current and future markets;
 Designed a 12-month coaching program for senior marketing official that ended with the company’s 5-year strategic marketing plan;
 Designed and implemented a marketing leadership program. (Program took place in Sharam el-Sheikh, Egypt); 
●  Developed and implemented senior sales / marketing action learning program focused on key account development. (Programs took place in Kuwait City, Kuwait; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Istanbul, Turkey).

Global Aerospace Company (2007 and Ongoing)

●  Program design, implementation, and facilitation.

Global Consumer Goods Company (2007 – 2009)

●  Design, implementation, and facilitation of the Marketing Institute (2007 and Ongoing);
●  Needs Analysis for US Operations (2010);
●  Design and implementation of the Agricultural Strategy (2008).

Global Logistics Company (2007 – 2009)

●  Leadership Development Programmes for which we provided thought leaders
and coaching for 40 executives from around the world and 8 action learning projects
that have yielded exceptional results. (Programs took place in Kuwait City, Kuwait (x3); and Zurich, Switzerland).

Global Consumer Products Company (2006 and Ongoing)

●  Leadership Development Strategy Consulting.

Global Petroleum Company (2006)

●  Design, implementation, and facilitation of the Leadership Development Program
for Senior Leaders (covering business and personal development).

Global Chemicals Company (2004 and Ongoing)

●  Design and implementation of company’s current suite of leadership programs:
Promising Talent, Senior Management Potential, and Executive Potential (2010). (Programs took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China; Indianapolis, Indiana; Midland, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Houston, Texas).
 Design and co-implement a customer academy for high potential leadership of the chemical company and high potential leadership of their customer companies. (Programs took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo Brazil (X2); Bogota, Columbia; San Jose, Costa Rica; Mexico City, Mexico (X2); Panama City, Panama; and Lima Peru).  

Executive Education at Major U.S.-Based, Private University (2004 – 2006)

●  Assisted in development of Executive Education Strategy;
●  Conducted market research project for expansion into Latin America;
●  Assisted in development of workshops on emerging markets for alumni.

Global Research Institute (2004 – 2006)

●  Design of the Business Development Strategy (2004 – 2005);
●  Design, implementation, and facilitation of the Unseen Market Development Workshop (2006).

Major U.S.-Based Four Year College (2004 – 2005)

Design, development, and facilitation of learning excursion services to China for MBA and Masters of Science candidates.