Our Clients Are Giants Of Industry In The Fields Of:

Aerospace, Chemicals, Corporate Education, Food Packaging, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, and more…

Our Reach Is Global

Our focus is on developing global leaders through action learning and executive coaching, and guiding leaders in their discovery of unseen markets.

Our Vision Is…

…to help individuals and companies Aspire Higher.

Recent Accomplishments Include…

Revenue Enhancement

●  Design and execution of a unique academy program that helped our client capture 1 USD billion of increased revenue that had not been on anyone’s radar screen — while improving their strategic relationships with 40+ customers:

“The excitement in the room is palpable when three of our clients’ executives meet three of their customer’s executives and begin their team discussions. Their work will span 6 months, and the outcome is to be a viable product launch that will positively affect both client and customer’s bottom line. This ‘co-oppetition’ experience has uncovered major breakthrough products offering healthcare, environmental, home energy, and food packaging solutions.”

●  Creation of a senior leadership level program designed to accelerate and expand a client’s 5-year strategy:

In the past, our client invested millions of dollars a year with a huge consulting company in order to develop an ongoing strategy. The process was time and dollar intensive. By facilitating shorter, more targeted strategy sessions, implementation was easier, faster, and cheaper.

●  Training / Coaching our client’s sales and marketing executives to move from a regional to a global marketplace:

This action learning program utilized key cities of the world as our classrooms. Sessions in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East immersed our clients into the global reality – helping them to see possibilities through different lenses.

●  Helped several companies understand and optimize high growth markets quickly:

Our programs are designed to ensure that participants analyze markets realistically after seeing, feeling, and breathing them. When visiting milk stands in India, service stations in Mexico City, or driving in Kuwait, the needs, barriers, and opportunities of growth markets become crystal clear.

People Strategies

●  Partnered with clients to develop their young high potentials for increased global responsibility at 50%
less time than their former talent management processes:

We encourage our clients to build cohorts of “promising talent”…young, well-educated, confident new hires from throughout the world. We expose them to frank discussions with their corporate executives, accompany them to client facilities around the world, and stretch their minds through lectures by best-in-class academics and practitioners.

●  Coached “good” executives to greatness:

Our coaching process is a journey of assessment, analysis, support, and commitment. Our coaches challenge executives to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement. We help our coachees understand how assessment instruments and feedback from 360 raters can elevate their effectiveness. We meet each “good” executive where he or she is and whet their appetites to exceed their future expectations. We intercede with executives at various points along the career path:

– Promising Talent;
– Senior Managers;
– Executive Potential; and
– Entrepreneurs and C-Level Executives.

We have coached on-site in many geographies including: Africa, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the US, and in many functional areas, including, but not limited to: communications, corporate universities, finance, marketing, sales, human resources, pharmaceutical management, leadership development, and start-up ventures.

Our network of coaches spans the globe with coaches based in Asia, Canada, Europe, the UK, USA, Singapore, and South America. Each coach is a former corporate executive certified in the MCL protocol.

Immersion Coaching: In our work with senior executives over the past several years, we have often been asked to design a coaching protocol that provides maximum results in minimum time. To accommodate the complex schedules of our clients, we have designed a comprehensive development approach that we call “immersion coaching.”  Our initial immersion process takes place in either our Barrington, Illinois or St. Charles Harbour, Florida offices, featuring additional personal history conversations (self-perception), assessment feedback (the view of others), and identification of strengths, challenges, and opportunities.

The MCL Coaching Journey:
– The coaching journey begins when the coach and coachee build trust;
– It continues as the coacheee gathers in-depth knowledge about his / her life experience and career aspirations;
– It is strengthened by “outside” views in the form of assessments and 360-degree feedback;
– It “ends” when each coachee is more self-aware, motivated, focused on development, and invested in the skills and behaviors he / she must optimize to win.

“Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me…” – Albert Camus

●  Helped companies better understand the talent they have who can help them achieve a different future:

Our talent management strategy starts with a cohort of promising or proven talent from around the world, a real-life corporate project, and a coach experienced in both behavioral and project coaching. Each participant’s individual initiative and group interaction skills are observed, supported, and tested. Peer feedback and project contribution results provide companies with keen insight into individual career paths.