MCL is a boutique consulting firm that provides full-service, hands-on project management that begins with research and ends when the customer’s expectations have been exceeded.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

● primary and secondary research — of  company insiders / outsiders / customers, etc.;
● corporate university development;
● program design;
● design, administration, and summation of pre-program and post-program (evaluation) online surveys;
● meeting planning;
● faculty and coach sourcing, interviewing, preparation, and management;
● design and preparation of learning journals;
● meeting facilitation;
● evaluations;
● white paper development and cataloging; and
● The Leader’s Lens™ and SELL-F Portrait™, our unique processes to capture visual images of leaders and sales professionals that actively depict the legacies they hope to create in their careers.  Our images are printed in collaboration with fotoflōt; a cool new way to mount your photographs.