Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation in Healthcare

Main Captiva LLC (MCL) recently arranged a series of benchmarking trips for a healthcare client.

MCL facilitated visits to data mining companies; hospital systems; hotels; innovation labs; insurance companies; regional councils of governments / industries / academic institutions; universities; and visitors’ bureaus in Chicago, Illinois; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Rochester / Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our healthcare client valued the opportunity to learn innovation methodologies, infrastructures, and insights from external hospital systems, healthcare companies, and start-up firms. Client team members attending the benchmarking visits were also able to share their company’s mission, vision, and challenges with their hosts.

Throughout the learning journey, the team learned many key insights that impact their innovation process. Following are two examples.

The team learned that today, in the aging process, the average middle-age person is no longer a healthy person, but rather a person living with at least one chronic condition. Also, people are coming into the hospital with comorbidities so they shouldn’t just be treated as a one-morbidity patient. The hospital systems, processes, partners, vendors, and means of communication / documentation / billing, etc. all need to better reflect this demographic shift.

In addition, the team explored the theme of community and innovation and observed that often, even affluent patients can become isolated. This isolation is a result of the fact that the more amenities patients have at home (gym, home theater, etc.), the less likely they are to interact with the community. The team discussed the concept of “Soup Therapy” (not group therapy) and how it could gain in popularity when patients, staff, local community members, etc. all come together to break bread to strengthen ties to the community.

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