UnleashWD Innovation Summit

UnleashWD Innovation Summit

UnleashWD Innovation Summit

Main Captiva’s Visual Thinker, Lisa Swarbrick, was recently asked to speak at the third annual UnleashWD Innovation Summit held at the Spertus Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

UnleashWD inspires you to think differently, and provides a framework to push boundaries and try new things.

Lisa spoke to the group about the power of visualizing your legacy. She walked the group through Main Captiva’s unique process called The Leader’s Lens. Through this process, Lisa works with leaders around the globe to create a series of collaborative photographs. Each photograph tells a story of leadership through the small details and nuances that hold meaning for each subject and help them visually articulate the vision of their own leadership.

At the UnleashWD Innovation Summit, Swarbrick challenged leaders to see themselves and share that vision. To learn more, visit:





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